“We have always had a passion for food and drink,

the experience of sharing a meal with loved ones

and the memories it can create.”

On Good Friday 2014, Tom and Yulia opened the doors to our café in Primrose Hill for the first time, hoping to share that passion with the local community.

We had a simple focus:

  • Use quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, to create healthy and balanced meals and treats.
  • Consistently serve them alongside the best of specialty grade tea and coffee, from around the world.
  • Create an environment where we can all relax and enjoy an experience that is personal to you and us.

Several years later, we still have that commitment and continue to grow our independent (and now family) café, with that same focus and passion as the day we opened. We create all our dishes from the same kitchen we started in, with a wonderful team of people and a shared vision between us.

We don’t do the detox kind of healthy food. We do the delicious and nutritious kind, food that is a joy to eat every day. The best part, it just happens to be healthy and sustainable too.

Today, we share it with Vegans, Vegetarians, Nut or Gluten-free people and those who just want a great Ham and Cheese Toastie too. No favouritism, simply great food and drink with a choice for all.

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